Corporate Team Volunteer Days are an opportunity for employees to participate in one (1) Build Day or ReStore Volunteer Day

Build Day Opportunity
10 Employees
$4,000/weekday or $5,500/Saturday

ReStore Volunteer Day Opportunity
15 Employees
$5,000/weekday or $6,00/Saturday

20 Employees
$6,000/weekday or $7,500/Saturday

Recognition on Habitat NOVA’s social media channels
Invitation to home dedication ceremony with Habitat NOVA family
Included in our Annual Report

I’ve been asked why I think Habitat is such a popular opportunity with our employees. I really believe it is because everyone understands that an affordable home is foundational to a family’s success… I still drive by the house periodically and say, ‘I helped build that family’s home.’

-Brenda Suits, SVP Bank of America
Environment, Social and Government Group



For more information and to schedule your Corporate Team Volunteer Days, please contact:

Liz Salter
Volunteer & Events Coordinator
703.521.9890 x 114
[email protected]